Come on in and ♬ Kick off your shoes and relax your feet party on down to the Xscape beat and kick it, just kick it, just kick it! ♬ I love music and the 90s and I couldn’t help myself.  Welcome, I am Tatiana, the creator and founder of Tatiana.Inise.  I’m here to share my love for FASHION, BEAUTY, & living a Healthy Happy Lifestyle (& everything in between) with you. This space is for you! Yes, you girl! I keep it real and honest over here. There will be vulnerable moments because that’s life but we are going to journey through it all in STYLE. During the day you can find me in the classroom educating little minds and enlightening the future. That’s right ya girl is a teacher. Interesting enough being a teacher inspired me to start blogging. My love for fashion showed up each day through my “teacher outfits” and my need to be creative pushed me to share  outside the four walls of my classroom. I hope you find this space inspiring. So sit back, grab your favorite wine or hot beverage and let’s journey together.

Check the FACTS

My NAME is Tatiana

Hometown:  I hail from New York City but I’m currently slaying these streets in Washington, DC

Height/size: I am fun size. I know you are thinking, Tati what is fun size? I’m a small package full of fun with the right amount of curves. Got it? Good. LOL.

Music: I love MUSIC, name the song and I’m sure I have a dance for it.  I am a fan of 90’s R&B but I love me some BEYONCE. You can catch me on any karaoke stage giving life to any song.

All things Love: cooking, tea, wine, candles, flowers, good food, shopping, drawing, writing poetry, musicals/ plays, and DIY projects.

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