Hey, I’m Tatiana

Welcome to my space! This a safe space where I share my love for faith, fashion, and lifestyle.

Check the FACTS

My NAME is Tatiana

Hometown:  I hail from New York City but I’m currently live in Washington, DC

Height/size: I am fun size. I know you are thinking, Tati what is fun size? I’m a small package full of fun with the right amount of curves. Got it? Good. LOL.

Music: I love MUSIC, name the song and I’m sure I have a dance for it.  I am a fan of 90’s R&B but I love me some BEYONCE. You can catch me on any karaoke stage giving life to any song.

All things Love: cooking, tea, wine, candles, flowers, good food, shopping, drawing, writing poetry, musicals/ plays, and DIY projects.

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