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I’ve always been the type who wore matching pajamas sets, thanks to my mother. I remember being teased at sleep-away camp for wearing a pajama short set with the matching rope. They had the nerve to call me a “little old lady”. Looking back on it, girl I was cute forget those mean girls. I was definitely ahead of my time because matching pajama sets are trending now.

When shopping for pajamas I always go for quality, following the three Cs

  • Comfortable – Can your lady parts and the twins breath ?
  • Cost- Girl can you afford this?
  • Cute – Can I answer the door in this and let the fine UPS man see me?

Target got us covered and it’s my favorite place to shop for pajama sets because they cover the three Cs. They’re comfortable, cost efficient, and cute. Trust and believe Target always has a deal. Since being home, I ordered two new sets. I linked a few of my favorite Target pajama sets below. Happy Shopping!

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