7 Ways to Love on Yourself at Home on Valentine’s Day!

Choose yourself ! Before you choose someone else

Choosing yourself takes intentionality, and it’s a lesson I continue to learn during this journey called life. Prioritizing yourself and well being may feel selfish but it’s not heroic to sacrifice yourself for the wellbeing of others. I am reminded of this each time I am on a flight and I hear “place your oxygen mask on first”.

As an educator and woman, I give to others daily. Without, the proper self-care and boundaries it will leave you feeling depleted. However, I have gotten better at showing myself some TLC. The biggest gift you can give yourself is loving you first. Find the things that bring you joy and do just that. Take care of yourself first.

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With Valentine’s Day approaching this is the perfect time to love on yourself…at home. Truthfully, on Valentine’s Day most places are crowded, reservations are over booked, and everything is overpriced. This is the perfect recipe for some TLC at home. Don’t worry I got you covered, here are 7 ways to Love on Yourself at Home on Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day I hope you find the courage and strength to pour back into yourself. You deserve it. Be sure to check my lessons on finding love and joy here . Hope you enjoy yourself!

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