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It’s no secret that I am a wine lover and on Wednesdays I celebrate Wine Down. Disclaimer: I am not a sommelier or wine enthusiast. Although becoming a wine enthusiast is a goal of mine. I am sharing my own opinions. So now that we got that out the way let’s dive in.

Wine Down Wednesday started early on in my teaching career with some of my sister friends. We faithfully committed to Wine Down Wednesday like it was a holiday. One person would cook dinner and everyone else would bring the wine. Yes, black educated professionals turning up in the middle of the week. Honestly, it saved us from going crazy because the life of a teacher can be very stressful. However, wine down made me realize how much I loved wine. I became interested in wine pairing and quality wines.

Over the years I learned a thing or two about wine. I learned about the different types of wine but more importantly the wine accessories you didn’t think you needed. Here I am sharing my favorite wines and accessories.

Red Wines

One thing about me I love a good red wine. I think I became interested in red wine when I was started watching Scandal. Olivia Pope drinking red wine out of those gorgeous wine glasses will forever be a mood in my book. At the time I associated red wine with being elegant and grown, so here we are enjoying red wine out of a sexy glass. Currently the McBride Sisters Red Blend and the Black Girl Magic Red Blend are my favorite. Now, I don’t taste a difference both are smooth, rich, and bold. One glass will do you good in my book.

Another favorite of mine is Apothic Red Blend and 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red. Both are affordable and have a bold and smooth finish. Also, if you happen to buy the 19 Crimes Snoop Cali please download the Living Wine Label app and enjoy. Trust me it’s worth the entertainment.

White Wines

If you want to play it safe, white wines are your best bet. I do enjoy white wines because they tend to be very refreshing. Honestly, the McBrides Sisters win again I love their Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay . I find the taste to be fruity, crispy, hint of citrus, and smooth. I need to explore more white wines but I think you can’t go wrong with either.

Sparkling Wine

I love a good sparkling wine and hands down Prosecco takes the cake. My favorite Prosecco is Aldi’s in house brand , it’s the best $8.99 spent. If your local Aldi sells wine grab you a bottle on your next grocery run. However, Ruffino Prosecco and La Marca Prosecco are also in rotation. They both give a crispy, robust, and refreshing taste. Honestly, I’m just here for the bubbles.

Here’s another disclaimer, I’m not a huge fan of champagne you can blame it on the bottomless brunches I have partaken in that left me with a hangover. Yes, I am now aware cheap wine will do that to you. However, I did enjoy a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label for New Year’s Eve and I was pleased with the taste and I did not have a hangover. It’s safe to say the Yellow Label is a winner. Champagne is another area I hope to explore this summer.

Wine Glasses & Gadgets

Over the last year, I learned that different wines should be enjoyed in specific wine glasses. Who knew?! I replaced my standard wine glasses and invested in red and white wine glasses. Listen, I feel like I stepped my game up big time and I feel like the wine taste different. It could very well be in my head but drinking wine out of a sexy glass is appealing to me . Listen, do yourself a favor and buy some new wine glasses.

Two wine gadgets I didn’t know I needed was a wine aerator and wine vacuum . Now a wine aerator enhances your wine tasting experience, it’s like bringing the vineyard to your home. A wine vacuum removes air from an opened bottle of wine and preserves the flavor. I learned that an opened bottle of wine is only good for a day or two. So yeah, these two gadgets are a game changer for wine lovers.

I hope you enjoyed this! Now let me go enjoy the rest of my wine because it’s Wednesday. Please share your favorite wine and accessories below.

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