Paris: The Gift

Bon Jour !!!

Yes I know this blog post is long overdue but as I am reflecting on 2019 this trip was one of my favorite highlights. So, I’m now ready to relive and share my time in Paris, France with you all.

For as long as I can remember Paris has been a dream of mine and I placed it on my 2019 vision board (see below). This trip was the gift and it fed my soul. Have you ever dreamt of something and when it finally came to fruition you pinched yourself thinking is this really happening? That was me the entire trip and I all I can say is “abundance”.

“Hold the vision trust the process”

I envisioned myself eating croissants outside of a cafe, admiring the Eiffel tower, and drinking wine. It was a dream that became my reality. I manifested this trip and it happened just a couple months of embracing 30. Listed below is everything I did in 72 hours in Paris. If you have any questions please leave me a comment below.


This wasn’t my first international flight but it was my first direct flight. I flew with Air France and I must say it was amazing and very comfortable. My favorite part was the unlimited wine I got to enjoy on the flight. (Side note: anytime you fly international you have the choice between unlimited wine or beer) Can we say cheers! I knew I was landing very early in Paris so I wanted to sleep majority of the flight. My excitement kicked in so I enjoyed a few of the movie selections available. Overall, my direct flight experience with Air France was great and I would definitely be flying direct moving forward .

Where I stayed

Hotel of Noire is the comfortable place where I stayed during my time in Paris. Hotel of Noire is located in the North of France but it’s convienently walking distance from the train station. My room was spacious and comfortable. Compared to U.S hotels it’s a lot smaller but overall the bed was comfortable and I slept like a baby. Now, what’s very important to me is my shower experience. Let me just say the water pressure and temperature was amazing and it felt like I was at the Spa. The right water temperature and pressure will change your entire bath experience, trust me.

When in Paris

Currency : Euros are used in Paris but I would suggest using a credit card while traveling. I have heard some horror stories about traveling abroad and to save myself the headache I just used a credit card (be responsible and set a budget for yourself.) Also, the Euro exchange rate compared to the dollar is higher so be mindful when making purchases. Most places take all major credit cards but if you choose to use Euros have your dollars ready to do the exchange while in Paris. Also, if at the end of your trip you have Euros left over you can take the bills to your bank and have it exchanged for US dollars.

Language: Paris is a French speaking country but most people speak and understand English.

Safety: While traveling abroad it’s very important to be mindful of your surroundings. I suggest that you don’t keep items in your coat pocket, wear a across body purse or a fanny pack across your chest, and be aware when you’re in crowds of people pickpocketing is very common. Also, I observed that pick pocketer I am not trying to scare you but your girl almost ” got got” so just be aware.

Transportation: The fastest and easiest way to get around Paris is the train and or by foot. Listen, Google maps will be your best friend. Using Google maps was a life saver and very easy to navigate. The train signs are number and color coded so even if you can’t read French you will be okay. Uber is also available but traffic can be a lot.

Weather– Traveling to Paris during the colder months requires layers and comfortable walking shoes. I was there in November and the temperature was between low 40s-50s. I knew I would be traveling by foot so I went with sneakers and a peacoat. However, it does get dark at 5 pm which means chillier weather.

Where I ate

One thing about me is when I travel I try to stray away from “hot spots” or “main attractions”. I had a little bit of advantage since my sister was living there and I had a lot of friends who frequent Paris often. The recommendation list was long. However, I knew I wanted a crepe off the street, pizza, and crème brûlée. I wanted a raw and authentic food experience and the spaces I visited provided just that.

Chez Paolo – This place was a hole in the wall but the food was delicious. The owner realized that I wasn’t from Paris and pulled out all the stops to ensure that my experience was first class. He allowed me to taste three different wines before deciding on the “right one” to pair with my dinner. I enjoyed a truffle pasta with chicken and a full bodied red wine.

Pink Mamma– I highly recommend this place but call ahead for reservations. It’s a hot spot in Paris so the wait will exceed 45 minutes. However, it’s worth the wait. While you wait enjoy some wine :).

Cafe de la Comedie- This place embodies the “Parisian cafe” vibes. Although it was cold outside the heated lamps provided me comfort as I sipped on tea, ate pizza, and enjoyed some crème brûlée. My favorite part was people watching and basking in the Parisian fashion and culture.

La Jacolime– I loved this place and it is a French restaurant with authentic French cuisines. It’s located in the Latin Quarters which is filled with lots of restaurants. This place was one of my sister’s favorite and she insisted on us having dinner here. I should have known this place was good when the wait was 35 minutes. Everything we ate was delicious but unlike American food I was satisfied but not painfully full.

Cafe George V – This place gave me bougie “Parisian cafe” vibes. I enjoyed breakfast here before leaving to head to the airport. Price point was descent but slightly overpriced. However, the service and atmosphere was worth it.

Parisian Fashion

For this trip I wanted to be chic and comfortable. I played with textures and layers this has become a winter staple.

Attractions/Things to do

Listed below are all the main attractions I visited and activities I did while in Paris.

  • Singjan Sabaikay Thai Spa– enjoyed an amazing Thai massage. The staff was extremely friendly.
  • Crazy Horse– the best way to reference this spot is Beyonce’s Partition video. It is a French cabaret show and you have the option of sipping on some bubbly while you watch the show. I loved it.
  • Moulin Rouge– I didn’t get a chance this trip to enjoy a show but I did visit and took pictures outside.
  • Eiffel Tower– Paris’s main attraction but I highly suggest seeing it both during the night and day its magical I promise.
  • Musee Du Louvre– a very popular museum in Paris but thanks to the Carters it did give the culture a glimpse into the renowned museum.
  • Notre Dame– is temporarily closed since the fire but visitors can take pictures outside.
  • Arc de Triumph
  • Laudree

Paris was a dream come true. In just 72 hours I lived it and fell in love.

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