6 Apps for the Millennial Woman

When I turned 30 I experienced a shift. I became more aware of what I was indulging in physically, mentally, and spiritually. Seriously, turning 30 is like walking into a bright room full of roses, flower beads, and beautiful light fixtures. The best part is you get to decide who’s in the room with you. As I continue this fabulous journey of becoming an amazing woman I’m only investing in things that serve me. That’s right, I am giving my energy and time to things that help me.

Since I spend majority of my time using technology I’m big fan of apps. I’m big fan of the wellness and financial apps. Honestly, I think there’s an app for everything. I enjoying using Apple Music to create playlist for all my moods, Flo app to track my cycle, Class Pass to enjoy a variety of fitness classes, and Instacart for grocery shopping.

There are so many apps out there but here are 6 Apps for the Millennial Woman.

Bible App

I love the Bible App! I use this app everyday and I love reaching my daily streaks. Each day there is a story that includes a scripture, devotional, and prayer.  YouVerison Bible app provides a directory of devotionals with topics that range from love, singleness, depression, joy, and marriage. Honestly, I’m pretty confident you can find a devotional to fit your needs. It also includes numerous translations of the Bible and plans to help navigate the entire Bible.

Shine App

The Shine App is a self-care app that focuses on your mental and emotional health. I recently started using it for daily mediation and to check in with myself . This app comes in handy on those days when you just need some sunshine and to clear your head. The Shine app will post a mantra as the “daily shine” with an option to read an article, listen to a guided mediation, and check in on your mood and gratitude. The Shine Premium version gives you access to over 800 meditations and sleep stories.


I can be honest the inner reader in me was against using Audible. There’s something about feeling and turning the pages of a book. However, after listening to More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) by Elaine Welteroth I was sold. Listening to Elaine narrate made me feel like I was on my couch with a glass of wine talking to my sister friend. I’m currently listening to The Mother of Black Hollywood by Jennifer Lewis and it’s hilarious. Listening to an audible during a walk or drive has brought me some joy. Please note, I haven’t listened to a fictional story on Audible but if you enjoy memoirs this app is for you.


Mint is one of the most disrespectful but helpful budget tracker apps.This app keeps you accountable and will let you know if you’re spending too much money or if you reached a financial goal. You will receive all the alerts and reminders. Once, you download the app you can link all your bank accounts , students loans, and bills. I find this app helpful if you want to pay down debt and develop good financial habits.


Vivino is a game changer if you’re a wine lover like me. Vivino provides ratings, reviews, and price for wine. No more standing in the aisle of the grocery store trying to decide which wine is better. The best part is you can shop for wine on the app directly.


It’s my goal in life to cook like someone’s southern Grandma. I have a couple of staple recipes under my belt but I’m always on the hunt to try new things. Tasty gives you step by step directions and videos. So if you want to cook for one, for bae, or family this is the app for you. Happy Cooking!

House Party

If you’re over using Zoom and Facetime to connect with friends then Houseparty is for you. Houseparty is a new app that allows you to video call and play games and quizzes. I think it lives up to its name. It has become very popular during this quarantine.

Alright Queens that’s it for now. Please share any apps that you love.

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    July 18, 2020 at 12:09 am

    I’ll definitely be looking into some of these apps!! Some of my personal faves are for my health insurance plan, Libby, and EveryDollar + Personal Capital. Thanks for sharing ✨

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