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Peach and Gold Glitter from Beetles Gel Polish

Summer is here! Sun is out which means toes out. Some of us are braving the nail salons with our masks and some of us are at home doing it ourselves. Before the Rona (COVID-19), I would frequent the nail salons for a gel manicure and pedicure. However, when I decided to tighten up my budget I began doing my nails and feet at home. Truthfully, I prefer the pampering because there’s nothing like a good foot rub and perfectly shaped nails. However, if you aren’t ready to head to the salons or if you want to save your coins, at home gel kit is for you. I wanted to share some of my favorite tools you can use to get a gel manicure and or pedicure at home. Also, my Amazon storefront has a lot of tools as well. Happy feet and nails to you!

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