How to Survive CURLFEST!

CURLFEST is like a combination of the Essence festival, Historical Black College University Homecoming (HBCU) Tailgate, and the annual Labor Day West Indies Parade all in one for the natural hair community. If you haven’t experience a event like the aforementioned, let me paint a picture for you. Picture  wavy, curly, kinky, and coily crowns worn by every shade of brown. Imagine New York Fashion week meets the African Diaspora. Envision every natural hair style you have seen on Pinterest or Instagram in one setting. In this sense, Curlfest is a family reunion for artist from different backgrounds and cultures.

Listen, it’s like every hashtag in one: #blackgirlmagic, #blackgirlsrock, #esscencestreestyle,#blackpeoplemagic, #hairgoals, #outfitgoals #friendgoals #festivalseason, etc

My childhood best friend and I

Charisse Higgins one of the founders of the Curly Girl Collective.

CurlFest, is one of the largest natural hair festival which is held annually in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. This was my first time at Curlfest and I just wanted to share 7 Tips on How to Survive CurlFest:

1: Grab your “curlfriends” or “festival crew”.

It’s very important that you go with people who are outgoing, social, and spontaneous.  You really don’t want to go with people who are not into festivals, large crowds, or dislike standing on long lines. Because they probably would may need to sit this one out. The truth of the matter is that vibes and moods will set the tone and determine if you will enjoy yourself.

2: Wear something Cute, Comfortable, and Casual Chic (3C’s Rule)

This event is at Prospect Park, a park where there’s grass and dirt. My girl Roni over at Style & Poise introduced me to the 3 C’s Rule. I recently adopted the 3 C’s rule when attending festivals and concerts. I opted for a off the shoulder romper, comfortable pair of gladiator sandals, a cute fanny pack to be hands free. Again, wear what you feel will make a statement but remember always be cute, comfortable, and casual chic.

3. Rock your Hair

Curlfest is the best time and place to rock your hair in a style you always wanted to try. Be BOLD. If you like me, you may want to go with a reliable twist out using Mielle Organics  products. It’s okay to play it safe and be CONFIDENT.

4: Stay Charged

For some reason, every festival or concert I have attended there has been zero service causing my phone battery to drain quickly. I learned my lesson once, so now I carry around my portable chargers with me.

5. Bring Cash

Technology some how can become a major issue when there’s a lot of people and limited service. Most vendors will accept Apple pay, Venmo, or Square,etc. To be honest, do yourself favor and just bring cash to save yourself the headache.

6. Don’t be Camera Shy

There will be plenty of photographers at Curfest wanting to capture you as their Muse. Take the pictures and don’t forget to grab their business cards, IG handle, or email, etc. Post, share, and give credit.

7. Keep an Open Mind

Don’t be judgmental. Embrace the newness and all the art that surrounds you.

Hope to see you all next year.

Life is a journey.Show up. Be bold. Stand out

Outfit details (similar): shades, earrings, romper, gladiator sandals, & fanny pack

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