It’s time

“I picked up my pen and created art on a page. My thoughts and dreams can’t be erased”- Tatiana I-Nise

As a child, to escape my reality I dreamed a lot. I played pretend and imagined myself being a part of a family that was a mixture of every 90’s hit (The Cosby’s, Family Matters, & the Fresh Prince). If you listened I would story tell  and make believe. Oh it didn’t stop there, I would listen to music and create music videos starring “Tatiana and my dolls.” I choreographed and became a pro at lip singing.  My  child like imagination was the birth of me becoming a creator or as my family would say “Drama Queen.”


It wasn’t until my 9th Birthday when my Father gifted me a red velvet notebook and fine point pen that I would begin to transcribe my thoughts. He said “here’s your weapon..write.” I did just that, I wrote. Writing became my little secret.

However, that all changed when I was in Ms. Llanot’s 4th grade class. Our end of year assignment was to write. Literally, her instructions were “write what you want and feel.”  As an educator, I now understand the importance of providing that space for children.  Listen, I can still remember how nervous I was on that day. I never shared that part of me with anyone. It was something I did behind close doors, it was my thing. Like Erykah Badu said “I am an artist and I’m sensitive about my s&*t.” Looking back I would have told that little girl  “don’t be afraid.”

Since that day I have filled composition books, journals, and my phone with my writing. When I feel inspired, I write. The other day what started off as a text message turned into a new piece.


Lately the one thing that’s been popping up in my mind is TIME.

How much TIME do we really have ?

How much more TIME will we spend away from the ones we love ?

Do we waste our TIME chasing things that won’t matter a year or months from now ?

How much TIME do we waste forgetting to take care of us.

Putting yourself first.

I mean frequent check ups and ins.

Nurturing our souls and bodies like the soil of the Earth

Will TIME remain when there’s a flat line?

Come on, where’s the lie?

Are you going stand there and not chase your dreams?

When was the last TIME you let go and freed yourself from things that no longer serve you?

Will this be the last TIME you say “I cant” and say “I am “?

For some reason it feels like time isn’t on our side. I look at my watch and feel my soul shift as the clock continues to click

and tick.

Don’t waste your time ©️


What I’m wearing 

Dress- Asos (simliar)

Shoes- DSW (similar) (similar)

Clutch- Marshalls (similar)

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    Shaniqua Augustine
    October 9, 2018 at 7:07 am

    A creative imaginary mind and person with a pen can be very powerful. I can relate to the imaginary mind oh so well. Now Time! Time is all about what you do with it and what you plan on doing with it and who you doing it with. Just don’t forget to spend Time with self. That is when you find alot about self. Keep on filling in on your dreams and inspiring other to fulfill theirs. Love You Mean it!!!

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