4 Tips For Achieving Your Goals!

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution that didn’t make it past January? You’re not alone.

Here we are two months into the New Year…

  • Have you started working towards your goals?
  • Are you secretly sitting at home scrolling through Instagram and see others out there “achieving & winning” meanwhile you sitting at home feeling like a failure?
  • Are you looking at the vision board you made at that vision board party and thinking “that’s cute”? Now what?

No?! Not you ?!

Well let me tell you, I been there and I’m not afraid to admit that I struggle at times.

I have goals? I can be #goals and I have what it takes right?! What am I doing wrong ?

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Let’s be real with ourselves

We always wait for the New Year to set new weight lost goals, break bad habits, leave toxic relationships, and start that “new thing”. Then January goes by and February hits (I mean February is here) and you have fallen right back into the bad habits that you said you were leaving in the previous year. July rolls around and you have adapted the “this beach is going get whatever body I give it” attitude. Then you look up and it’s Christmas and you’re planning your “New Year’s resolution” for the next year.

Why do people make New Year resolutions ?

I think we make these resolutions because we want to feel like we are doing better in the New Year. There’s a sense of proving that you are grinding and like my favorite girl Kela Walker says I’m #bookedbusyblessed.

I believe there’s this unspoken pressure to “level up”. You should be able to recap your year with #bestofnine on Instagram and prove that your year was better than the previous year.

Last year, there was a shift in me and I felt it. I felt like I was just going through the motions of life and taken it day by day. I wanted to reach my goals but I wasn’t being proactive. My judgment was clouded by hashtags, likes, and people’s opinion. I waited for things to come to me but not eagerly chase after the things I wanted.

Yes, the first step to acceptance is admitting it.

I dropped the ball.

I waited for the feeling of newness to come to me in the new year to press restart. I looked at my vision board and became overwhelmed with ALL of my goals. With so much newness I didn’t know where to begin. So I asked myself a few questions and came up with my 4 tips.

What do I want?

Why do I want those things?

How long will it take for me to achieve my goals?

Here are my 4 tips to achieving your goals

  • Write down your vision and make it a goal 
  • Share your goal with others (someone to hold you accountable) 
  • Make it measurable (when will you achieve that goal)
  • Always remember your why 

Write down your vision and make it a goal 

“A goal without a plan is a just a dream”

I repeat this quote to myself each time “I dream”. A dream will remain a dream if you don’t make a plan to achieve it. When you have a vision it’s important to make it a goal. For example: I dream of being debt free and building generational wealth. The goal that I set for myself is I will be debt free by July 2019 by sticking to my budget.

Ask yourself what do you want and make it a goal.

Share your goal with others (someone to hold you accountable) 

I do my best when I move in silence..

Moving in silence doesn’t work when you are trying to achieve your goals. It will take a village to help you lay the foundation and build a strong base. If you want to achieve a goal you need to share it with those you love and trust. Those who love you will support and hold you accountable. I am well aware that this community may not include friends, family, or significant others. That is okay, community is what you make it! Trust me, you will be surprised when you find out who is in your corner and wants to see you win.

Make it measurable (when will you achieve that goal)

If you can’t measure it you can’t prove it

When you have a goal in mind give yourself a hard deadline. Depending on how bad you want it, give yourself 60-90 days to achieve that goal. Trust me, when you put a date next to a goal it gives you a timeframe to work with. Unfortunatley, when we don’t make a measurable goal there’s room for it to stay a dream.

Remember your why always

Your why will keep you going on days you don’t want to go

Working towards your goals will not be easy but on the days when it’s tough go back to your why.

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I hope you find my 4 tips helpful. Let me know in the comments what are your goals and what do you do to crush them.

  Life’s a journey. Show up. Be Bold. Stand out.      

  Tatiana I-Nise

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    Very cute! Great reminders!

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