Spiritual Maintenance- Make Room

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. –Matthew 6:33

Everyday when I wake up I spend the first 30 plus minutes with God. Before I grab my phone, wash my face, or brush my teeth I spend time with him (I don’t think God is judging my morning breath or crusty eyes). Now this wasn’t always a routine or daily practice but over the years it has become one. In the past, I would respond to text messages, reply to emails, or my favorite scroll through Instagram. Before I knew it, I had to rush through my daily devotion and get my day started. It wasn’t until a good friend asked me “When do you devote time to God? How’s your spiritual maintenance?” Truthfully, I didn’t carve out time but when I had time. Can we just thank God for his grace and mercy. In order to grow spiritually we have to be intentional about dedicated time with him. Just like everything else in our lives we maintain i.e hair, nails, car, our health. Our spiritual walk is something we have to maintain and not just when the “check engine” light comes on. I think we all can agree we sometimes treat God like our emergency contact.

When you put God first in everything in your life you will experience the best God has created for you.

Being at home facing a global pandemic and the ongoing racial injustices towards African Americans I had to do some fine tuning spiritually. Listen, the last thing I wanted to do was spend time with God because the way my emotions were set up it wasn’t pleasant. It’s in the those moments when we don’t feel like it we should go to God. He’s there waiting and ready to receive us but it’s important that we are intentional about our relationship with God.

I wanted to share a few ways I practice spiritual maintenance.

Daily Prayer and devotional time

My favorite devotional is Joyce Meyer “Trusting God Day by Day” . A few years ago, I received this devotional, but I still find myself reading it as a new book, and at the same time finding a new meaning. I also like using YouVerison Bible app to find devotionals that focuses on particular topics. Each day there is a daily story that includes a devotional and prayer.

Bible Study/Small groups

Doing life alone isn’t what God intended for us so it’s important that we find a small group. Trust me, it feels good when you have people who are praying for you and with you. I’m currently apart of two bible study small groups and I love our time together. Community is necessary.

Worship music

Music is healing and I have created a gospel playlist with some of my favorite songs. I will sing, cry, and praise.

Faith Over Fear Playlist by: Me
Online sermons

I love watching sermons from different Pastors and churches. Here are a few of my favorites below.

I hope these tools provide you some guidance for your spiritual journey. Please share ways that you’re staying connected or resources.

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