Your Voice Matters: Untamed

This week my heart felt heavy. I sat with a mixture of emotions and decided to pivot. I couldn’t commit to releasing the original content I had prepared. Instead I decided to pick up a pen and write. I let my thoughts flow, here’s an original piece I wrote . I pray it finds you.


So here’s the truth

Regardless my status or how many books I read cover to cover

Some will ONLY see my skin color

When I tell them where I went they will say that’s the school where the Cosby kid went

I found PRIDE in correcting them

Working hard to beat them at their own race

It’s not my pace but the barriers and walls that I continue to face.

If I speak up I’m compared to something in a cage

If I kneel down we’re just closer to the ground

When I bite my tongue the blood becomes poison killing me to fit in

Inviting me in their circles because they’ll say “there’s no “ism”

But prison is the pipeline for our BLACK and BROWN kids.. huh !

With my hands up I’m still a threat

Born in what they say is the land of the free

It’s captured on the screen

What’s more to see?

It’s been years since our ancestors were forced crossed the sea

Is this modern day slavery?

They say history repeats itself

We just took a page out of the book

Now everyone is shook?

God didn’t intend for this

Breaking of the silence

Enough is enough.

We can’t be tamed

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